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Attending an event yesterday, Patty even said, “I am Jolin’s fan.” Back in 2005, Patty was photographed shopping intimately with Jay Chou in Japan. After Patty and Jay’s photo published a month later, both Jolin and Patty were supposed to attend a year-end event.Jolin sponsored the lucky draw prize, and it happened that Patty was the winner.Patty immediately donated the prize away, and refused to collect her prize on stage.In 2007, Patty and Jolin were invited to a makeup artist’s wedding.In 1848, Victor Schoelcher persuaded the French government to end slavery in the French West Indies.Many of them were encouraged by their Catholic brethren who looked forward to the departure of the heretics and seizing their property for themselves.Last year, a number of celebrities opened about their health issues and one of them was American actress cum musician Zosia Mamet.She had disclosed to her fans early last year that she was diagnosed with pelvic floor dysfunction which (Read more)….

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Jolin attended, but Patty did not attend to avoid Jolin.

Six years ago, Patty actually revealed that she did not know that the rumour between Jolin and Jay was real. Later on, Jolin also understood that Patty was not aware of their relationship, and she did not blame her.

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