Who is marilyn manson dating now

Basically, it's all stuff you might expect from a guy like him.

Upstairs, behind a closed bedroom door, is the raven-haired Usich.

He scared the religious right so much that, in an effort to get his concerts banned, they stated for a fact that any virginal young daughters who attended one would witness myriad homosexual acts onstage, rampant drug use, rape and bestiality, animal sacrifice and, yes, the sacrifice of virginal young daughters. It was said that he had a rib removed so he could perform oral sex on himself.

All manner of outrage seemed not only possible but likely – including plastering a deaf groupie with luncheon meat and hosing her down with his own urine, which, in fact, happened.

And finally, five is the absolute minimum number of times that the act of "sexual congress," as he calls it, shall take place in a day, with 10 being the most recent maximum.

And this, at the age of 45 – "the age of a small record," he says, with typical wit – though it hardly seems possible.

"I'm the third act of every movie you've ever seen.Many of its songs, among them the hard-stomping recent release "Third Day of a Seven Day Binge," were recorded in one take, with all subsequent efforts to clean them up ignored."It's dirty," says Manson, happily, "like the dirt under my nails, like someone who has dug a grave."Right now, the only thing he's digging is a Sunkist grape soda out of the fridge in his dank little Spanish-Gothic-style house in the Hollywood Hills.September 2010 - Present The two met after Manson helped English record several songs for her upcoming album.Said English: "Marilyn Manson inspires and supports me in my music.He moves about with easy, spectral grace, fingers fluttering birdlike as he points to what is an old abortionist's chair that he once covered with a beaver rug given to him by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. He's had many girlfriends over the years (actresses Rose Mc Gowan, 1997-2001, and Evan Rachel Wood, 2006-2010, as well as porn stars Stoya and Jenna Jameson) and one wife (burlesque queen Dita Von Teese, 2005-2006, victim of Beaver Mountain), with much craziness involved, none of it ending well."I called it Beaver Mountain," he says, "and it's where I had sex with certain individuals that may or may not have resulted in my divorce." Briefly, he thinks about this and you can see further commentary formulating itself in his brain. "I am flypaper for damaged women," he says later on, specifying no one in particular. We will play rap music if we want to." And, of course, we will see if there's any trouble to be had.He pops the top, pours some in a glass, sets the glass down and never touches it again.Then he's taking a stroll around the place, pointing out the more significant of his belongings. An unused canister of Zyklon B, the poisonous gas Hitler used to exterminate Jews. A prized clown painting done by rapist and serial killer John Wayne Gacy.I'm the part where it rains and the part where the person you don't want to die dies.I'm here just to fuck shit up." Which means that tonight could be quite the debauch, full of terrible and wonderful things.

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