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She met Kate Roberts and became good friends with Sami Brady. Nicole followed Jennifer up the stairs and grabbed Jennifer's arm.

As many viewers know, actress Arianne Zucker has announced that she will be leaving the show after 20 years of playing Salem bad girl Nicole.Nicole has been kidnapped by Xander and Deimos, and it appears that things could get intense as she tries to escape her captor to get back to Brady, who has been shot and is fighting for his life.Fans are hoping that help will arrive for Nicole and her daughter, Holly, before it is too late.Unfortunately, it wasn't long before things again changed, and Nicole started planning to kill Victor. Nicole tracked down a pregnant teenager named Mia through Dr. Nicole convinced Mia to let Nicole adopt Mia's baby. She remembered that, after being hit on the head, she'd heard a woman's voice talking sweetly to Sydney and had seen a pair of high-end boots walking away with the stroller. Seeing the opportunity, she picked up the gun and shot E. While living there, Brady received the news that his ex-fiance, Arianna, had been killed and Brady was the still the beneficiary of her belongings. So, she stole Titan documents and planted them on Kristen's computer for Brady to see.She even paired up with Larry Welch, but that didn't last long. But, when Nicole learned that Sami was secretly pregnant with E. More and more memories returned to her, and eventually she realized the kidnapper was Anna Di Mera. was heartbroken when Sami left him and took the kids with her. Sami rushed over the to Di Mera mansion and found a passed out E. Included in them was a taped of Sami admitting that she was the one who shot E. Nicole found the tape and went to blackmail Sami into letting Nicole spend time with Sydney. However, Kristen soon figured out that Nicole stole the documents.Eric and Nicole were falling in love, and Jay was getting jealous. But, soon, she began to realize that her love for E. She also told Nicole that she needed to induce labor within 24 hours.He even threatened to spill the beans about her past. This doctor promises to have a nurse call Nicole to schedule the appointment. She wandered out into the hospital hallway to see Jennifer and Daniel together. While there, she heard Jennifer leaving a voicemail for Daniel to meet her in the town square. Jennifer tried to walk away, but Nicole rushed after her.Next, she tried to get to Victor through his grandson. J.'s baby, Nicole decided that she wanted Sami's baby instead. Being the opportunist she was, Nicole blackmailed Anna. Later that night, Kate called Sami and told her that E. Rafe urged Sami to agree to the deal at first, in order to give him time to get the tape from Nicole. and offered him the same deal- the tape of Sami's confession in exchange for time with Sydney. Victor had Nicole arrested, but did not press charges.She thought Brady would work perfectly for her plans, but she was willing to use Shawn or even Victor's son Philip if necessary. Trent Robbins arrived in town in the summer of 2008 and immediately began threatening Nicole. Nicole tracked down Sami, who was in witness protection, and eavesdropped on Sami's conversation with Sister Theresa. Knowing that Sami was on her way to the clinic, Nicole did not take Mia to the clinic to deliver. She made Anna convince Governor Jim Ford, one of Anna's old boyfriends, to issue Nicole a full pardon for her kidnapping crimes. Rafe tried infecting Nicole's computer with a virus and stealing the video. Nicole went back to work at the convent and tried to stay out of trouble.The reports that rumors are swirling that EJ Di Mera may be headed back to Salem.However, it doesn’t seem that James Scott would be reprising his old role, and that a recast would be in order for EJ to return.

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