Wii updating do not turn power off

In this case the files themselves are around 1GB and even if you are able to download them quickly, Nintendo confirms you could be looking at an hour for the installation process.

With that in mind, it’s hardly surprising that some users got tired of waiting and powered off the machine, particularly as there appears to have been no on-screen warning or selectable option to cancel the update.

LA Times reporter Ben Fritz, who was among those who turned their new toy into a “big black paperweight” says Nintendo is shipping him a replacement with the update pre-installed. Rockstar Games VP Dan Houser has said that Wii U and PC versions of Grand Theft Auto V are still “up for consideration” even though the initial release is currently scheduled for PS3 and Xbox 360 only.

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That’s particularly bad news given the Wii U has only been on sale a couple of days.

Doing this takes all of the data and settings from your phone, deletes and then reinstalls them to give you a fresh start.

It won't fix every problem, but it does fix a lot.

Here's what you need to do: If none of these steps have solved your problem, and your i Phone still won't turn off, your problem may be bigger, or just a lot trickier, than you can solve at home. You can get phone support from Apple (charges will apply if your phone is no longer in warranty).

Check out this page on Apple's site for its list of support phone numbers around the world.

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